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Rather than guess how to keep your garage door system in good condition, why not browse our tips page for helpful suggestions? The advice from our experts may help you keep your system functioning properly for longer. Scroll down to read more.

Opt for a lubricant which doesn’t harden when the temperatures drop. A lithium-based product would be a good choice. The hardware parts which require lubrication include the torsion spring, hinges, and rollers (if they are made from metal). If you have a chain or screw drive opener, the metal chain or rod will also need lubrication. Check to see what kind of lubricant you have to use for the opener’s parts before applying!
It isn't unheard of for intruders to gain entry to a home via the garage. If you use a keypad for your door, change the code regularly to prevent people accessing and using it. It’s also a good idea to have a second strong lock on the door separating your house from the garage.
It's a good idea to remind your kids that garage doors are not toys and can be dangerous. We advise keeping remote controls out of children’s reach to avoid accidents.
Our specialists recommend that you check the safety reversal mechanism, the limits of the opener and the spring to find out where the problem comes from as soon as you can. Any of these may require adjustment and you may have to check the tracks for obstruction as well. If any of your garage door's safety features are playing up, it's important you attend to this as quickly as possible.

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