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We’ve gathered a list of some of the questions we are most commonly asked and answered them in order to help our customers find the information they're looking for more easily. If the FAQs below don't satisfy you, give us a call and consult with our experts.

The length of your garage door opener is determined by your door’s height plus three (3) feet. The opener requires a minimum of 2.5’’ above the highest point of door travel. However, some operators do not need any back room and can be installed with only inches of side room. Call us today for more information.
It’s always ideal to purchase a battery backup unit. If you don't have one, the next option is to disconnect the door opener so that you can manually open and close the garage door. Pull on the emergency release handle located at the end of the red rope that hangs from your garage door opener rail (near the top of your door.)
The rust should be removed with steel wool - special chemical treatment can also be applied if needed. Following this rust treatment, the panels should be covered with protective external-grade paint and repainted at least once a year. In case the panels have already begun to corrode, it may be a good idea to replace them and start again.
Disconnecting the electric opener helps to avoid electrocution. It's also best to know that the opener is not plugged in as it eliminates the risk that someone activates the door while someone is working on it.

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