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Garage Door Solutions

If you have a problem with your garage door springs or cables, you can trust our professional technicians to repair or replace them for you safely and quickly. Take a look at some of the most recent projects we completed to learn more.

Sensor Alignment | Briaroaks | Burleson, TX

Sensor Alignment

Customer Issue: Mr. Norton had accidentally tweaked his garage door’s sensors while moving things around and wanted to be sure they were properly readjusted for safety.
Our Solution: Our expert took careful measurements across the garage’s doorway to find the exact position that the sensors needed to be in to be aligned properly again. Once they were adjusted accordingly, testing was done as well to ensure they were working safely for the customer and would cause the door to reverse if needed.

Casey Norton - Briaroaks
Opener Replacement in Crowley | Garage Door Repair Burleson, TX

Opener Replacement

Customer Issue: The old opener had required multiple repairs over the years, and finally wore down for good.
Our Solution: The Genie 305TKV QuietLift was compatible with the customer’s existing garage door setup, and fell within the desired price and noise ranges. Installation went smoothly once the unit arrived, and the team programmed it for the customer’s existing remote and wall panel controls.

Kimi Roundtree - Crowley
New Garage Door Installation Project | Garage Door Repair Burleson, TX

New Garage Door Installation

Customer Issue: Needed a new garage door.
Our Solution: After looking at numerous models, Ms. Turner chose a beautiful wooden garage door from Clopay's CANYON RIDGE® collection and ULTRA-GRAIN® series, which we proceeded to install for her. Before leaving, we made sure the door was fully operational and was able to open and close smoothly.

Grace Turner - Burleson
Cable Replacement Project | Garage Door Repair Burleson, TX

Cable Replacement

Customer Issue: Broken garage door cable.
Our Solution: We replaced the damaged cable with a stronger one and made sure that the second unit wasn't frayed or otherwise damaged. We also checked the rest of the mechanism, including the rollers and the springs, and ensured everything was working properly before leaving.

Nathan Alexander - Rendon
Track Replacement Project | Garage Door Repair Burleson, TX

Track Replacement

Customer Issue: Broken garage door track.
Our Solution: Our technician removed Mr. Williams' damaged track and replaced it with a new one. He then realigned the door back into place and made sure the rollers were undamaged and able to move smoothly.

Mike Williams - Burleson

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